12th Annual KCRS “Rose Country 2005”


SECTION  A Challenge Classes

Class 1  HYBRID TEA CYCLE OFBLOOM, Glenn & Donna Fiery, Mister Lincoln


Class 3  OLD GARDEN ROSES, FIVE STEMS, OLD GARDEN ROSES, Bob & Kitty Belendez, Russelliana, Sydonie, Sombreuil, Yolande d'Aregon,Baronne Prevost

Class 4  FLORIBUNDA SPRAYS, THREE   SPRAYS, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero, Golden Holstein, Playgirl, Lavaglut

Class 5  MODERN SHRUB ROSES, FIVE STEMS, SHRUB ROSES, Suzanne Horn,Evelyn, Charles Darwin, The Squire,  Perdita, William Shakespeare

Class 6  FLOTING MINI BOWL, Suzanne Horn., Dancing Flame

SECTION  B Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras

Class 7  Queen of Show, Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth., Natasha Monet

                  King of Show, Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth, Hot Princess

                 Princess of Show, Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth, Cajun Moon




Marilyn Monroe                     Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth

Lynn Anderson                     Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth

Andrea Stelzer                      Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth

Moonstone                            Bob & Kitty Belendez

Veteran’s Honor                  Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth

Crowd Pleaser                     Tom Cairns & Luis Desamero

Mondiale                                               Tom Cairns & Luis Desamero




Class 8, THREE BLOOMS, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero,  Signature

Class  9,  SIX BLOOMS, Bob & Kitty Belendez, Andrea Stelzer

Class 10, ONE BLOOM FULLY OPENED, Jeanette Ransom, Black Garnet

Class 11, MOST FRAGRANT,  Evelyn Reed & Paul Jackson, Della Reese

Class  12,  ENGLISH BOX, No Award

Class  13, One decorative bloom, Clifford Orant, Red Intuition

Class  14, ONE SPRAY, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero, Gemini

SECTION C Classic Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras

Class  15, ONE   BLOOM,  Jane Sill, Peace

Class 16, MOST FRAGRANT, Richard Shiell, Dame Edith Helen, HT 1926

SECTION   D Seedling

Class 17  Seedling, Clifford Orent, Dortmund x Seedling

SECTION  E  Climbers & Wichuranas

Class   18, ONE BLOOM OR SPRAY, Suzanne Horn, The Impressionist

Class 19, SINGLE, ONE BLOOM OR SPRAY, Glenn & Donna Fiery, Captain Thomas

SECTION   F Floribunda

Class   20,  ONE BLOOM, SINGLE VARIETY, No Award

Class 21:   ONE BLOOM ,Betty Finch, Champagne Cocktail

Class 22:  THREE  BLOOM,  Bob & Kitty Belendez, Sexy Rexy

Class 23:  ONE SPRAY, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero, Hot Cocoa

Class 24:  THREE SPRAYS, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero, Blueberry Hill

SECTION  G Polyantha

Class 25:  ONE SPRAY, Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth, Lullaby

Class 26:  THREE SPRAYS, Bob & Kitty Belendez, Lullaby

SECTION  H  Old Garden Roses

Class 27:  Dowager Queen, Bob & Kitty Belendez,Yolande d'Aragon

Class 28:  THREE STEMS, Bob  & Kitty Belendez, Baronne Prevost

Class 29: Victorian Award, Glenn & Donna Fiery, Roger Lamberlin

Class 30:  THREE STEMS,  Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero, Paul Neyron

Class 31:  Genesis Award, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero, R. Rugosa Alba

SECTION  I  Miniature Roses

Class 32: Mini Queen of Show, Suzanne Horn, Dancing Flame

                   Mini King of Show, Peter Alonso, Jr., Fairhope

                   Mini Princess of Show, Peter Alonso, Jr.,  Marie Jeannette




Behold                   Bob & Kitty Belendez

Sunset Strip                Tom Cairns & Luis Desamero

Michel Cholet                Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth

Mitchells Gold                Suzanne M. Horn

Arcanum                Suzanne M. Horn

Chelsea Belle                Tom Cairns & Luis Desamero

Bees Knees                Peter Alonzo, Jr.


Class 33:   Mini-Flora Rose, Suzanne Horn, Conundrum

Class 34:   THREE BLOOMS, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero, Mitchie's Gold

Class 35:   SIX BLOOMS, Peter Alonso, Jr, Fairhope


Class 37:   ONE BLOOM FULLY OPENED, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero, Autumn Splendor

Class 38:   ONE SPRAY, Suzanne Horn, Dancing Flame

Class 39:   THREE SPRAYS,  Peter Alonso, Jr., Irresistible

Class 40:   ENGLISH BOX , Suzanne Horn, Dancing Flame

Class 41:   A SINGLE  VARIETY, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero, Halo Sweetie

Class 42:   ONE SPRAY OF  A SINGLE  VARIETY ,Peter Alonzo, Jr., Halo Today


DECORATIVE, Suzanne Horn, Marriotta

Class 44:  Classic Shrub Roses

ONE   BLOOM, No Award

Class 45:   Classic Shrub Roses

ONE   SPRAY, Frances Ratliff, Ballerina

Class 46:   Modern Shrub Rose

ONE BLOOM, Suzanne Horn, Evelyn

Class 47:   Modern Shrub Roses

ONE   SPRAY, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero, Sally Holmes

Class 48:  Shrub Roses

THREE STEMS, Bob & Kitty Belendez, Leander

Class 49:  Shrub Rose

MOST FRAGRANT, Suzanne Horn, Evelyn

Class 50:  Shrub Rose

              ENGLISH BOX, Suzanne Horn, Evelyn

Class 51: Judges Entry, Bud Jones, Baronne Prevost

Class 52: CHILDS  ENTRY, Brittanie Fiery, Roger Lamberlin

Class 53: Unregistered Roses, No Award

Victoria Chacon, Graham Thomas

Class 54: Kern County Rose Society Member Only, Victoria Chacon, Graham Thomas

Class 55: Special Kern County Challenge, Mary & Gerhard Schmidt, Martha's Vineyard 

Class 56: Novice, Monica Price, Masterpiece


BEST NOVICE, Monica Price, Masterpiece  



“Rose Country 2005” Arrangements

SECTION  A,  Royalty

Class 2  Mary Schmidt, winner of Gena Uhalt Perpetual Award

SECTION  B,   Modern

Class 4                   Betty Wachob

SECTION  C,  Oriental

Class 5                   Betty Wachob

SECTION  D,  Classic or Old Garden Roses

Class 8                  Dr. Eva Jones

SECTION  E,  Mini - Royalty   No Awards

SECTION  F,  Mini - Artist

Class 11                Betty Wachob


Class 14                Gerhard Schmidt

SECTION  H,  Judges

Class 16                Laverne Cottet

SECTION  I & J,  Novice & Intermediate  No Awards

SECTION  K,  Junior Designs  No Awards

SECTION  L,  Junior Designs

Class 25                Brittanie Fiery


To Summarize our Show this year had the following #s:


40 Teams of  Horticultural Exhibitors

699 Horticultural entries

14 Design Exhibitors

42 Design entries


This doesn’t include the number of individual roses per entry.



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