Below is a list of Members' favorite roses.  Most of these should grow very well in the Bakersfield/Kern County area.

Norma Anderson's


‘Abraham Darby’ S great fragrance, always in bloom

‘Andeken an Alma de L'Aigle’ LCl. Beautiful pink, always in bloom

‘Dark Lady’ D.A. S beautiful form and red color, always in bloom

‘First Kiss’ F beautiful pastel pink, always in bloom

‘Frances Dubuil’ OGR wonderful fragrance, continual bloom

‘Gemini’ HT beautiful, long lasting buds, good bloomer

‘Miss All American Beauty’ HT large hot pink, good bloomer, strong grower

‘Mon Cherie’ HT beautiful color and buds, prolific bloomer

‘Old Blush’ OGR China, blooms all year, even in winter

‘Paul Neyron’ OGR great color, large, good bloomer

‘Sheila's Perfume’ F strong fragrance, yellow-blend, good bloomer


‘Amber Glow’ unusual

‘Baby Claire’ beautiful pink blend.

‘Baby Grand’ old rose form, beautiful pink

‘Cupcake’ beautiful pink, always in bloom.

‘Incognito’ great color and good bloomer

‘Jacquie Williams’ red blend

‘June Laver’ beautiful yellow

‘Kristen’ great color

‘Little Carol’ deep pink, always in bloom

‘Loving Touch’ always in bloom


Fay & Stan Cook's


‘Bill Warriner’ FL coral pink

‘Blueberry Hill’ FL violet, gorgeous

‘Dainty Bess’ climbing HT  great pink single

‘Eden’ climbing pink

‘First Prize’ climbing HT pink

‘Gemini’ HT

‘Graham Thomas’ S yellow Austin

‘Iceberg’ FL best white floribunda

‘Just Joey’ HT

‘Moonstone’ HT great show rose

‘Mr. Lincoln’ HT form and fragrance

‘Sally Holmes’ S like apple blossoms

‘Ultimate Pink’ HT great color; vigorous


‘Baby Claire’ mini, lovely white, pink edged

‘Fairhope’ mini, great white show rose

‘Incognito’ mini, great form and color

‘Jean Keanneally’  mini, apricot, great mini

‘Jeanne La Joie’ climbing mini pink

‘Loving Touch’ mini apricot

‘Miss Flippens’ mini, red strong grower, good form

‘Rose Country’ mini, lovely pink

‘Work of Art’ climbing mini apricot & orange


Alice Dang's


‘Abraham Darby’ D.A. S, bush or climber fully double apricot blend, great scent, great color and form

‘Belle Portugaise’,  LCL 1903, lg. light pink, a once bloomer but what a show. Like a Rubens painting.

‘Buff Beauty’ H.Musk 1939   lovely clusters of bloom, great scent and color, weepy form

‘Centennial Gold’ HT good clear nonfading yellow, chosen for Bakersfield's 100 year birthday

‘Juane Desprez’, OGR (Noisette), 1830 lg. climber up to 10+ ft. just covered with blooms, fragrant

‘Mary Rose’ D.A. S  lovely deep pink, like the form and color.

‘Mutibulis’, OGR (Hy China), multicolored single opens yellow ages to deep pink

‘Nymphenburg’ H. Musk 1954 beautiful pink blend clusters great fragrance

‘Sally Holmes’ S. 1976 tall can use as a climber, lovely single flowers white blush pink

‘Sombreuil’, OGR (C. T.) 1856,   white extremely double opens flat, intense fragrance

‘Tamora’, D.A. S. very double apricot/peach, fragrant, lovely OGR form

‘Trumpeter’  F  beautiful red orange ruffled blooms. Another of my glowing favorites that stands out.


‘Baby Grand’ very double pink old fashion form, compact in container.

‘Gourmet Popcorn’, like its name white with yellow center large clusters of bloom, large bush

‘Hot Tamale’ intense color, lovely bud and bloom

‘Jolly’, a supermarket rose, very compact lots of very double wht & red striped blooms

‘Orange Sunblaze’ very double glowing orange, brightens up the whole bush.


Mari Hooper's list; My Favorite Roses:  

‘Big Ben’ HT 1964, dark red, fragrant with lots of blooms and wonderful cut flowers

‘Fame’ Gr. again blooms constantly and cuts beautifully

‘Harry G. Hastings’ 1965 HT, heavy bloomer, good cut flower

‘Mari Carolyn’ deep raspberry shrub, always in bloom, good cut flower

‘Paul Bocause’ apricot Shrub, Romantica constant bloom, good cut flower

‘Paul Neyron’ HP, will always be my favorite in spite of fighting black spot here, spectacular   

        blooms & an excellent cut rose

‘Royal Sunset’ L..Cl., 1960 apricot and spectacular on a fence

‘Scarlet Knight’ Gr. beautiful color, always in bloom

‘Souvenoir de la Malmeison’ Bourbon, delicate color, constant bloom, very individual blooms, 

       excellent cut flower.

‘Sweet Afton’ HT white 1964 delicate bloom, good cut flower


Mary Krauter's list:

‘Fame’ GR. 1998, deep pink favorite color and the blooms last so long in a vase in the house as well as blooming profusely in the garden.  The blooms have an unusual shape almost like a ruffled camellia


Frances Ratliff's list:

‘Dreamweaver’  climber

‘First Prize’ HT

‘Frances Dubreuil’ OGR

‘Gemini’  HT

‘Vick's Caprice’ OGR


Eileen McCoy's list:

‘Mr. Lincoln’ HT best of the reds, fragrance

‘Rosie O'Donnell’ HT treerose, blooms rose with yellow/white undersides

‘White Lightnin'  GR profusion of fragrant flowers


Lillian Rippy's list:

‘Abraham Darby’ S

‘Chrysler Imperial’, classic HT   a perfect rose

‘Fame’ GR

‘First Prize’ climber HT

‘Ingrid Bergman’ HT

‘Lace Cascade’ Climber

‘Paul Neyron’ OGR (HP)

‘Sunset Celebration’ HT


Iona Miranda’s list:

‘Baronne Prevost’ OGR (HP) full and flat flower, color

‘Black Magic’ perfect velvet dark maroon petals

‘Cecile Brunner’ OGR spectacular display

‘Double Delight’ HT eye catching color combination and flowers

‘Graham Thomas’ D.A. S repeat blooms

‘Honorine de Brabant’ OGR thornless repeat bloomer

‘Parade Boerner’ green foliage, abundant flowers

‘Rose de Rescht’ OGR (Damask) can be planted in a planter and repeats blooms

‘Sydonie’ OGR  carnation form, red to pink flowers

‘Trumpeter’ F intense flower color, repeat bloom

‘Yolanda d'Aragon’ OGR (HP) form and color of flower

‘Zephirine Drouhin’ green foliage, compact flower


Richard Shiell's

Favorite Big Roses:

‘Ambridge Rose’, S, unbeatable scent and rebloom

‘Fragrant Cloud’, HT, great scent and heat tolerance

‘Jaune Desprez’, Noisette, charming and vigorous

‘Madame Isaac Periere’, B, an all-time classic

‘Mari Carolyn’, HT, super scent and red color without mildew

‘Myriam’, HT, amazing size and scent of flowers

‘Rouge Royale’, HT, huge, fragrant, very high petal count

‘Star of the Nile’, S, its just the best.

‘Sydonie’, HP, super rebloom for an OGR, great flowers

‘Typhoo Tea’, HT, best-scented of those with a white reverse side

Favorite Little Roses:

‘Admirable’, superb scent and OGR appearance

‘Baby Claire’, beautiful and has some scent

‘Dazzler’, tiny bicolored blooms with great charm

‘Heather Sproul’, just because

‘Hot Tamale’, beautiful and has some scent

‘Little Artist’, my favorite single mini

‘Overnight Scentsation’, superb scent and looks like an OGR

‘Sachet’, looks great open, has great scent

‘Seattle Scentsation’, good scent, very nice color blend

‘Splish Splash’, amazing colors and fair scent


Jim Turner


‘Brigadoon’ HT excellent all around, best in fall.

‘Centennial Gold’ HT good yellow, Historical value, everyone should have one

‘Fabulous’ FL new white, throws excellent sprays.

‘Gemini’ HT has everything, no downside

‘Gold Medal’ HT Best yellow, great form and scent

‘Moonstone’ HT queen machine (shows), large flowers

‘Niclole’  FL always great form, one of the best Floribundas

‘Perfect Moment’ HT bright colors, great garden rose

‘Playboy’ FL best orange in class, disease reresistant

‘Secret’ HT good form, great scent.

‘Sheila's Perfume’ FL great scent, good form

‘Veteran's Honor’ HT Best new red, has excellent form


‘Behold’ may be best yellow show winner

‘Buttercream’ excellent light yellow

‘Dancing Flame’ (mini flora) frequent Queen of show.

‘Fairhope’ still the best show rose

‘Glowing Amber’ excellent show, vivid red-yellow colors

‘Incognito’ unusual mauve-yellow show rose

‘Lady E'owy’n when on, excellent show rose; when off, forget it

‘Michel Cholet’ very good all around

‘Miss Flippins’ vigorous red show rose

‘Sam Trivitt’ popular apricot, excellent form


Jane Uhalt


‘Altissimo’ CL color, blooms all the time

‘Fame’ HT

‘High Society’

‘Perfect Moment’ HT color, it is perfect! And has a long cut life

‘Angel Face’ F

‘Brandy’ HT color, grows well

‘Lady of the Dawn’ color, blooms all the time

‘Mr. Lincoln’ HT color, grows well

‘Paradise’ HT color, blooms all the time

‘Queen Elizabeth’ Gr. color, grows well


‘Antique Rose’

‘Cal Poly’

‘Loving Touch’

‘Candy Cane’

‘China Doll’



Betty Wachob's list


‘Betty Boop’ F

‘Brandy’  HT

‘Brigadoon’  HT

‘Centennial Gold’ HT

‘Color Magic’  HT

‘Mon Cherie’  HT

‘Mutabilis’  OGR

‘Pink Parfait’  F

‘Trumpeter’  F

‘Veteran's Honor’  HT


‘Hot Tamale’

‘Jean Keanneally’