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After a month of growth the Bermuda grass was as tall as an elephantís eye so Miguel was here to chop it down and tame my unruly Bougainvillea, realign my vitex and ranger sage (so they would grow strong and upright).  Also dug out my excess ruella as I want more variety in my sidewalk and dug out several adventuring trumpet vines.

I have planted out several new perennials and so far they are still chugging along.  My Echinacea is still at 2 inches and a few times looked as if it was gone but it needs lots of water, donít know why I thought it was a xeric plant. So I may have planted it in the wrong spot as it drains very well there and Iíve already lost a few plants there but if I water more often see how it goes.  Maybe once really established it will  be very good. 

Well, since I wrote the above I have lost a couple with the 2nd wave of over 100 degree weather.  Just awhile ago I planted out my Salvia patens that I got at Target and really hope it  will grow as it has the most fantastic blue flowers. I love my pinks but an occasional touch of true blue is not to be laughed at. 

Tamora continues to bloom even under adverse conditions like in a pot with fast draining soil and lots of shade because it is underneath two overlapping trees, it and Just Joey and Veteranís Honor get slanted morning sun and slanting afternoon sun.

Another good bloomer is D.A. rose Pat Austin.  I have that one in a pot with a saucer underneath and it keeps on blooming. This in full sun.  Itís on itís third or fourth series of blooms now.  Itís about 2 feet high and even blooms with seed heads on as Iím behind in deadheading.  Of course if I want to see the bloom at itís glorious best I have to do so in the morning because by evening it is crispy and charred from the hot summer sun.  I havenít ever cut it to take into the house to  see how it would do as a cut flower and maybe enjoy it longer.  

Even my crape myrtle is on itís third set of blooms,  I was listening to ďGarden PartyĒ one Saturday on KERN radio and one of the host said crape myrtle would re-bloom  if the spent blooms were pruned off  and they did.  Before this I just left the dead blooms on and so only had one set of blooms.  Crape myrtle blooms donít seem to attract much in the way of bees or birds but they are a colorful bloom especially this one which is a newer variety so have huge bloom heads. 

The cutting of  Lily the Pink that I got from Jeanette decided to  live and sent forth a new branch with a bloom on it and it holds pretty good in the heat,  a semi-double at this stage of growth it didnít burn or crisp in the triple digit heat.  On another cutting that I started from last years show the bud unfortunately opened and got blasted by the heat before I could see it and figure out what it is.  Well, maybe it will bloom more next month when (hopefully) it will be cooler and I can see if anyone recognizes the rose.

Of course if I would get into the habit of fertilizing my plants and water too I might get those pretty green leaves and plenty of blooms  and not the golden brown leaves I have right now.   One salvia that keeps on going when other plants droop is salvia c.  I have ďlady in redĒ  and also a pink one that I got from Martha Ball.  They readily seed and grow anywhere.  When the others plants are dying of thirst this salvia just keep on going.

On another note.  I need some cooperation from the members of the rose society please.   I know you can all write something for the newsletter.  Iíll need some  as I will be having carpel tunnel surgery and it is very slow to type one finger at a time and so I know you will all wish to send me an article for the next newsletter coming out in October and maybe have enough to leak into November.  Please send it via my new and shiny email address at: that is my temporary internet home for now.   I am looking into other options.  All articles related to your roses etc. are appreciated.  Thanks.