My Favorite Rose--Candelabra
by Betty Wachob



     I didn't realize 'Candelabra' was a grandiflora until I checked it in a catalog.  I thought it was a floribunda because it seemed to be always in bloom with its brilliant orange petals, sometimes in singles and sometimes in sprays.  The flowers are pretty shaped buds, but when fully open reveal a pale yellow tip on the petals next to the yellow stamens that remind me of a lit candle.  The foliage is a deep green and the shrub itself grows as wide as it does tall, dense and compact.  My 'Candelabra' was putting on a wonderful display this spring, and much to my dismay, someone decided that they liked it so much that they pulled it from my yard.

     The hybridizer is Zary and it was introduced in 1999.  The parentage is 'Tournament of Roses' crossed with a seedling.  The Handbook for Selecting Roses indicates that 'Candelabra' was an All-America Rose Selection winner with a rating of 7.6.  If you like orange roses, you'll love this one.




This lovely picture of 'Candelabra' was taken by Richard Shiell in Betty’s yard. This was before the rose was stolen.